Anthem (single)

by Unchained Breathing

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released February 11, 2012

First of, we want to thank you for taking the time to listen to this song! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed writing and playing it. This single would not have happened without a bunch of people who support us at every turn.

UNCHAINED BREATHING would not have been the same without:
Our father, driver and caretaker Jos van Dijk, we love you! <3
Crawl Back Bookings & our manager Mark for giving us this wonderful opportunity, being our new management and supporting us with everything we need. Without them we couldn't have gotten this far as we are today.
Our sponsors and partners in crime: Tassilo at MillionThoughts Entertainment, Tomster project, Muziekkollectief Nox, Cafe Bluff, Muziekhuis Aarons, Pavels Trebuchin from Tre Videoproductions & OneNineNineOne Graphics.
Bas Krook for starring as the lost boy in our music video, and going through the cold and mud all day. Thanks mate! <3
And our dear friends in Disposed to Mirth, Shake The Pagoda Tree and ForgetToForgive (R.I.P).

CONNER says thank you to:
Everyone who has supported us throughout these years, everyone in my family and everyone who's doing their best to make this band as it is today. TSYSA Bookings for helping throughout our very first years and Crawl Back Bookings for helping us reaching a higher level. Also I want to thanks Niels and Davy for becoming a part of our band, as without them, we couldn't do what we are doing today. Thanks to all the bookers, promoters and all the people that came and will be coming to our shows, you make this dream worth fighting for. My girlfriend for supporting me in the best way she can, coping with all my absence and still loving me from her heart, thank you <3

DIMI says thank you to:
All the people who supported me, and the dream I've been living these years. All the bookers who booked us on shows, all the people who drove us there, and the numerous kids who came out to our shows. Without these people, we wouldn't be where we are right now. And of course my family, who supported me from the very beginning.

DAVY says thank you to:
Mom and dad, all the people who come to our shows and support us, friends, brothers, family, my band and everyone I didn't mention.

NIELS says thank you to:
My family, brothers, everyone that supported us throughout the years, everybody who helped us on the road, Mark de Leeuw, Marcel Franssen and all the bands we shared a stage with.

LEROY says thank you to:
Tommie, Pavels, Bluff, the people who helped us out along the way and the band

Last but not least, thank YOU for checking us out, going to our shows, buying our stuff and supporting us in doing what we love!




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Unchained Breathing Heerlen, Netherlands

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Track Name: Anthem
Yeah, this is the anthem 045
This is the place, it's in our hearts
Yeah, I find my home and shelter here
My home and shelter here
This is our story, our lovesong
Along with us
Yeah, this is the anthem 045

I will never let go, this is my oath
We'll make this clear to you
Let these word mean as much to you
as they do to us

This is what we live for
Watch us shine
This is our own anthem
We wrote for you (2x)

When I see the sign, I know that I am home
My home, my refuge, my safe haven


And I am never alone here, this is my home
Yeah this is the anthem, our love song (2x)
HEAR ME, this is our story (I am never alone)
HEAR ME, this our story (I am never alone)
This, this is our love song (2x)