EP - 2010

by Unchained Breathing



released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Unchained Breathing Heerlen, Netherlands

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Track Name: Burried Between The Dead and the Fallen
I will come back to finish, what I’ve started with you
I can’t control my actions, it’s like I’m someone else

I am your nightmare, coming alive(2x)

I FORCE MYSELF, to overcome this
I FORCE MYSELF, to the bitter end of this world
This is my addiction, nothing matters any more
My concience is dead

With my hands around your
throat, I’ll squeeze the life out of your
Burry you deep, underneath the sand
This is where it end

Blood scatters on the floor, will to my hiding place
I hide from myself

I hide from myself(2x)

I will learn, I will be better in the end, I promise
As I look down the road, there is nothing left, but violence and blood
As I look down the road, there is nothing left, but
violence and blood
And I ask myself, who am I ?

This is my addiction, the price I have to pay, I have to pay
One day I’ll wake up from this dream and realize, that I’m to blame
That I’m to blame, that I’m to blame
I am to blame for everything
I am to blame, I am to blame
Track Name: The Hudson
From the ashes of a memory, I hold you at gunpoint
Mind your step blind fool, you must just get lucky and fall before I get my hand on

Failure is no option, I’ll make sure that you are gone
That you are gone
I will stand in..

I stand in your shadow, with a smile on my face
Begging, and I love the sight of it

There is no fear in my heart, the world is hard so I know
Everything will burn, everything will burn
And there will be nothing left to care for

Your shaking hands, your shaking hands, you know your time is coming
I will not be a victim of your contradictions
Hold your breathe, cause’ I’ll be coming with brutal force

Open your fucking eyes, the shock will be killing you almost instantly
It hurt doesn’t it ? Looking in the mirror each night before you go to sleep


You will fall, you will fall, you will
fall under the weight of regret
It’s by regret
And it’s regret that will take
your life in the end